Paint Your Music

What: Both music and art therapy are growing health care sectors in Canada.  Music and artistic expression are known to release stress, release endorphins and foster balanced wellbeing.

Explore the relationship between music and paint in Terri-Lynn’s “Paint Your Music” sessions.  Through extensive exploration culminating in a concert April 2015 entitled, “Voice to Canvas: Exploring Song Through Paint”, Terri-Lynn discovered a way to express music on canvas.

How: Once a song is not only analyzed and learned, but also internalized, Terri-Lynn takes her paints and goes to the canvas.  Either singing aloud, in her mind or with her favourite recording Terri-Lynn improvisationally paints her emotional interpretation of the song.

Create: Every “performance” of a song is unique, and thus any painting created on any given day is a one time interpretation captured with paint on canvas.  Consider painting music as an artistic exploration or as a special gift for loved ones.

Logistics: Terri-Lynn uses acid free acrylic paints, and often uses her hands but has been known to utilize anything from brushes to kleenex to interpret music as soundscapes.

Discover Terri-Lynn’s recent collaboration with Duo Estelle partner Emily Shaw to paint Etude No. 3 – En pensant à Bach by Ida Presti.
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